Congrats! 2015 King County Ambassador and Department STAR Celebration

Thank you to everyone who attended the Celebration for the 2014 Annual Giving Drive.  It was held February 5, to a standing room only crowd full of employees, county leadership, and nonprofits.

Once a year we stop to say “thank you” to our dedicated employees, that take on the wonderful and challenging role of sharing the opportunity to give back.

From the employees that make up our year-round Employee Giving Program committee, to those helping with a special event, each one contributes in a valuable way to the success of the program, resulting in employees investing $1.75 million in nonprofit organizations, contributing to our civic health and our quality workforce.

Several studies show employee recognition is a major driver in engaging employees, including this report from Harvard Business Review.  Couple that recognition with the benefits of pro-social behavior in the workplace and you have a winning combination. We are proud of our employees!

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Ambassador Awards

Rose Dotson, Beverly Hawkins, Lana Nugent, Jeffery Darrow, Assessor’s Office
Debra Bailey-Trail, Hannah Matson and the entire DJA Ambassador Team DJA
Veronica Port, Sheriff’s Office
Troy Olmsted, Sheriff’s Office
Bill Lukov, DNRP
Maria Van Horn, DOT
Roxi Smith, Public Health
Elizabeth White, DOT
Grace Pastores, DES
Lynn Sellick-Lane, PAO
Sue Constable, DES
Susan Damon, Public Health

Year after year, Bill quietly and reliably takes on the task of coordinating the drive for the Solid Waste Division. One of the reasons I participate in the program is due to Bill’s dedication to it. If, during one of the busiest times of the year for his work unit, Bill can consistently year after year give his time to the program, I feel the least I can do is take the time to fill out a form to participate.

~King County Employee Nominator

Department Awards 

Departments with 250 or fewer employees

  • Highest Participation and Most Dollars Raised – King County Executive’s Office
  • Most Improved – Department of Permitting and Environmental Review
  • New Connections – King County Council

Departments with 251-600 employees

  • Highest Participation, Most Improved, and New Connections- Department of Community and Human Services
  • Highest Dollars- King County Information Technology

Departments 601 or more employees

  • Highest Participation – Department of Executive Services
  • Most Improved – Sheriff’s Office
  • New Connections – Department of Natural Resources and Parks
  • Highest Dollars – Department of Transportation

Committee Service 

Thank you to the following outgoing Employee Giving Program Committee members for your endless passion and dedication to making the world a better place through workplace giving.

  • Maria Van Horn, DOT
  • Roxi Smith, Public Health
  • Joy Pakulak, DOT
  • Matthew David, Superior Court
  • Katherine Festa, DCHS

Thank you…

  • 2014 Annual Giving Drive Honorary Co-Chairs, County Chief of Operations, Rhonda Berry, and Sheriff John Urquhart.
  • Chief Robin Fenton for speaking and attending on Sheriff Urquhart’s behalf.
  • Nancy Balin for sharing her My Giving story of Jaimeson Jones Memorial Scholarship Foundation.
  • The EGP Committee for planning putting on the event.
  • Harborstone Credit Union for being our Annual Giving Drive sponsor and partner!
  • Our Health Match sponsors.
  • Our nonprofits for celebrating with us and sharing their impact.
  • Most importantly, King County employees for the amazing work you do each day.  We are proud to be a part of such an exceptional workforce and to celebrate these accomplishments.

Interested in developing personally and professionally and making a difference? Join our award winning program today by joining the committee or being an Ambassador.