2015 KCEGP Star Awards – Departments 250 or fewer employees

The Department Achievement Awards recognize the different milestones that departments achieve in 4 areas: participation, dollars pledged, most improved, and the number of “New Connections” that were made in a year.

For Departments with 250 or fewer employees, the program is honored to recognize the following:

Participation & Dollars Raised: King County Executive Office


Pictured: Robin Fenton, Jennifer Huston, Yiling Wong, Rhonda Berry

The Executive Office has the highest participation of any department or separately elected office in King County at 70%. There is no better way than to lead by example, we are incredibly proud of this showing of support for nonprofits.

Most Improved: Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER)


Pictured: Robin Fenton, Cathy Olguin, Lisa Verner, Rhonda Berry

Lisa Verner, the Lead Ambassador for DPER, was also recognized for Rookie of the Year. Her first year not only as an Ambassador but as LEAD Ambassador. Under her leadership, DPER was not only most improved for their category, but in the entire county and doubled their new connections. Congratulations Lisa!

New Connections: King County Council

The King County Council increased participation by 30% over the previous year including 25 new connections! This is a perfect example of how having a team and focusing simply on making sure that every employee has a quality, personal opportunity to contribute can have dramatic impacts.

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