2015 Ambassador STAR Awards – Service Excellence

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer nominated awards for individuals or teams for outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.


Pictured: Rhonda Berry, Roger Bruckshen, Tricia Barbachan, Robin Fenton

Service Excellence: Roger Bruckshen, Tricia Barbachan, and the PRO Team
Ten. That is the number of individual nominations this duo and their team received.  Ten different people went out of their way to say that they had a positive impact on their experience with the Employee Giving Program.  It showed: this impact resulted in an 80% increase in participation for their section.  Here are what a few of the nominators had to say “It’s never easy to motivate people, but they make it fun”, “She really gets the program and shines while doing it”, “They struck a fun, unified and strong campaign.”

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