2015 KCEGP Department STAR Awards – 601 or more employees

The Department Achievement Awards recognize the different milestones that departments achieve in 4 areas: participation, dollars pledged, most improved, and the number of “New Connections” that were made in a year.

For departments with 601 + employees, the program is honored to recognize the following:

Participation: Department of Executive Services (DES)


Pictured: Robin Fenton, Cami Flake, Rhonda Berry

DES does an extraordinary job of showing how you can be effective in reaching employees across a broad range of locations and work environments in a large department and have amazing results!  They use creative special events and personalized communications for each section.

Additionally, they are able to have such personalization and achieve great outcomes because they work hard and visibly support optimal Employee to Ambassador ratios.

Dollars Raised: Department of Transportation (DOT)


Pictured: Robin Fenton, Elizabeth Donohue, Laurie Brown, Rhonda Berry

DOT represents nearly one-quarter of the King County workforce a majority of whom are not connected to a computer in their regular duties. It really does take a village to reach all of our amazing DOT employees and DOT’s Ambassadors work extremely hard.  They increased both dollars and participation over 2014. Way to go!

Most Improved: King County Sheriff’s Office


Pictured Robin Fenton, Leesha Wilson, Rhonda Berry

The Sheriff’s Office is a great example of the power of goal setting. They had two goals this year: increase the number of worksite ambassadors and to be Most Improved, and they did both! Ambassadors matter without a doubt.

New Connections: Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP)


Pictured: Robin Fenton, Chris Zanassi, Rhonda Berry

DNRP employs creative, consistent messaging and opportunities to engage their employees. For example, by bringing a Nonprofit Expo to Brightwater, they achieved the highest percentage of new connections and the second highest participation in this category.

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