2016 Ambassador STAR Awards – Rookie of the Year

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams for outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive. Rookie of the Year: Mary Ann Treichel, DES-RALS This award recognizes Ambassadors who are doing this for their first time and jump right in. Mary Ann organized several well run special events, found a way to work the Ambassador Development … Continue reading 2016 Ambassador STAR Awards – Rookie of the Year

Health Match: Innovation through Collaboration

In 2014, the King County Employee Giving Program partnered with Healthy Incentives to pilot Health Match - an innovative program to incentivize healthy workplace giving events (read the introduction article on the King County Employees site here). An employee engagement trifecta of pro-social behavior, health & wellness, and innovation. Our goals for year one were simple: empower employees, … Continue reading Health Match: Innovation through Collaboration