King County Information Technology (KCIT) Pilots Volunteer Program

In 2018, the King County Employee Giving Program (KCEGP) is launching its new volunteer program. In partnership, King County Information Technology (KCIT), a department of King County government, and KCEGP are initiating a pilot engagement to accomplish three objectives:

  1. Understand technology needs of Nonprofits
  2. Align volunteer services
  3. Establish an ongoing program


KCIT has more than 400 IT professionals serving King County in the areas of Infrastructure, Network Operation and Business Solution delivery services. These services are delivered by professionals working in different disciplines including Engineering, Application Development, Network Architecture, Project Management, Business Analysis and End User Training.

Maximizing Impact

To maximize our equitable impact of the pilot we will use an Equity and Social Justice lens to select participants.

King County’s Equity and Social Justice plan calls for a focus on Communities of Opportunity (COO), defined both by place and community:

  • Eligible COO Zip Codes
    • Rainier Valley = 98108, 98118, 98144
      White Center = 98106, 98126, 98146
      SeaTac/Tukwila = 98148, 98168, 98178, 98188, 98198
  • Limited English Speaking, low-income, and people of color.

KCIT has identified two major focus areas for volunteer projects: 

  1. IT Capacity-building for nonprofits OR
  2. Advancement of equity in the field of STEM

In addition to being a current Employee Giving Program nonprofit, successful projects will meet both an ESJ priorities and a KCIT focus area.  For example, a nonprofit located in a community of opportunity serving low-income people who needs IT infrastructure tune-up.  Or a nonprofit that is trying to recruit more youth in the STEM field with a focus on kids in a COO zip code.


How to Apply

KCIT is committed to engage with you for a duration of 1-3 business days. KCIT Employees from different disciplines will commit their time and energy based on the scope of the proposed project to help make your world and the community you serve a little better.

We will choose up to four projects to be completed over the course of 2018, approximately one per quarter.

Applications for this pilot are due on or before February 9th, 2018.  We look forward to working with you!

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