EGP Committee – Now Recruiting!

If you are interested in joining the EGP Committee, know that coffee is on us! What? You read that right. A cup of coffee on us.

The King County Employee Giving Program (EGP) is currently recruiting for 6 open slots on the EGP Committee.

The Committee is made up of King County Employees from across the County and provides the strategic vision of the program and are key participants in its success. Additionally, the Employee Giving Program provides leadership and development opportunities that may not otherwise be available in the context of your current position.

This National Award Winning Committee works onStrategic Planning, Policy Development and Recommendations, Process Improvements, Employee Engagement, Communications and Marketing and Project Planning and Implementation. As a committee, we are looking for members that are passionate about creating opportunities for King County employee engagement, are interested to learn about and strengthen relationships with participating non-profit agencies and are life-long learners wanting to further develop their leadership skills and Lominger Competencies as part of a high-performing team.

Apply Now.

First round of interviews will be scheduled as applications come in, please submit applications as soon as possible but no later than March 23rd. 

The Employee Giving Program is committed to diversity and county workforce representation. We are specifically seeking representatives from the following Departments and Electeds: District Court, Superior Court, County Assessor, Elections, Department of Judicial Administration, Department of Public Defense, KCIT, King County Sheriff’s Office and King County Prosecuting Attorney.

Hey, wait!  What about that cup of coffee? 

If you are interested we invite you to have a cup of coffee with Misti, Matthew, or Junelle to learn more.  We will personally buy it for you.


You, me, a cup of coffee and we can change the world.

Ready to apply now? Go here to learn more and apply

If you have further questions about joining the King County Employee Giving Program. Please contact Junelle Kroontje EGP Manager at 206-263-9405 or