My Story – The Little Things

Story submitted by Julie Long, Department of Executive Services

I was a single mother of two at a very young age. Although most of the time I barely had what I needed to get by, helping others seemed to be an innate part of my genetic makeup. And I came from a long line of ‘never give up-ers’. 🙂 My kids watched as I grabbed an extra broiled chicken when I could afford it while grocery shopping, then handed it to the homeless person outside as we loaded up the car. The little things like that were things I could do, sometimes, also hoping to teach my kids compassion and kindness.

I didn’t think I could do anymore.

Coming to King County and becoming a part of the Employee Giving Program showed me how even the smallest amount of giving provides an impact much larger than you can imagine. I want to make sure everyone understands and is aware of all the ways to give and that even the smallest donation can be the difference in whether a child has a meal, an animal finds a forever home, or a homeless person has a warm, safe place to sleep.

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