King County Employees Making a World of Difference—Here and Abroad


That’s how much King County employees gave in 2020 to support Global Impact and their more than 100 trusted international charity partners. In fact, King County was once again the top performing employee giving campaign for them.

Global Impact addresses humanitarian issues around the world, such as disaster response, human trafficking, education, clean water, hunger, and so much more. King County’s support of them demonstrates that our caring knows no boundaries. Our employees give locally as well as to causes that make a difference world-wide.

A partner and member of King County’s Employee Giving Program for over 20 years, these examples show the potential collective impact made by donations from King County employees last year to Global Impact:

  • Clean Water – 38 pumps dispensing safe, clean water.
  • Disaster Relief – 127 portable beds for disaster survivors
  • Economic Development – 24 adults trained with technical skills
  • Education – 108 bicycles for safe travel between home and school
  • Global Health and Child Survival – 1,038 patients vaccinated against the flu
  • Human Trafficking – 51 survivors housed for a month
  • Hunger – 36 lives saved from acute malnutrition
  • Refugees – 2,162 blankets for kids displaced by conflict
  • Women – 90 women empowered with a business loan.
Map with stats of Global Impact's work in various causes

Additionally, a number of their nonprofit partners have been actively responding to COVID, including calling for equitable vaccine distribution.

Never doubt if your donation—no matter how small—can make a difference. Just ask Global Impact’s clients whose lives were immensely improved. The power of the collective good can truly change the world.

If we can come together to bring about this change during a world-wide pandemic, let’s keep the momentum up and do ever more in 2021. #GiveTogetherKingCounty