2018 Star Awards – Departments with Fewer than 250 Employees

The Department Achievement Awards recognize the different milestones that departments achieved in four areas: Participation, dollars pledged, most improved, and the number of “New Connections” that were made this year.

Highest Dollars Raised and Highest Participation: The Executive Office

We are incredibly fortunate to have such high visible leadership support here at King County. It is this support this enables us to continue to be the second largest public sector employee giving program in the state and be major partners to our communities. 


The Executive Office: Rachel Smith and Brooke McConnaughey is accepting on behalf of the office.

The Executive Office has the highest participation in the entire county at 64.2%. They truly lead by example and we are grateful for it!

New Connections and Tied for Most Improved King County Elections

This department was driven by true spirit and inspiration. They show how work groups can be small but mighty, leveraging the program to support amped up workloads and vice versa – instead of using them as excuse. They have community partnerships at the core of their strategy and it shows.


King County Elections! Juan Vazquez is accepting on behalf of Elections.

Tied for Most Improved Department of Assessments

Assessments had the biggest change with the amount pledged between 2017 and 2018 with 39%. They also had incredible competition between the Exec’s office and Elections. Their employees show their spirit of service year round and we are proud to honor them today.


Department of Assessments: Rose Dotson and Beverly Hawkins are accepting on behalf of the department.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for all your hard work and participation. Your award it well deserved. 

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