2018 STAR Awards – Departments with 601 or More Employees

The King County Employee Giving Program Department Achievement Awards recognize departmental milestones in four categories: participation rate, overall dollars pledged, most improved from previous year, and the number of “new connections,” a.k.a. new employee donors, that were made in a year.

The EGP is excited to recognize the following departments with 601 or more employees for their achievements:

Highest Dollar and Participation: Department of Natural Resources and Parks


Department of Natural Resources: Paige Myers

For three years in a row they have continued to build on their momentum and engage their employees – no matter where there are. They do not let geography get in the way of bringing people together for the community. We are so lucky to have such amazing support from this department.

Most Improved and New Connections: Department of Transit


Department of Transit: Kellie Parker and Gerald Freeman.

This Department had one goal in mind this year – to have more new connections! This is a perfect example of how powerful our goals can be!! They are beginning to include their community work as part of their total goals and it is showing through in everything they do. I am so proud and impressed! They improved their participation by 62%, which is the highest improvement out of all the departments! They had 295 New Connections – that is larger some of our entire departments.

See all department and separately elected results.

Read about all the 2018 award winners here.

Interested in meaningful personal and professional development opportunities? Join our award-winning program today by becoming a committee member or signing up as an Ambassador.

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