2018 STAR Awards – Departments of 251- 600 Employees

The King County Employee Giving Program Department Achievement Awards recognize departmental milestones in 4 categories: participation rate, overall dollars pledged, most improved from previous year, and the number of “new connections,” a.k.a. new employee donors, that were made in a year.

The EGP is excited to recognize the following departments with 251 – 600 employees for their achievements:

Participation & Dollars Raised: KC IT


Velma Kelly with KCIT

Every year, this group continues to find unique ways to engage employees and set audacious goals. What’s more amazing, is that they often meet them!

Most Improved and New Connections: Department Of Public Defense


 Rachel Schultz with Department of Public Defense

I always tell leadership when I meet with them – there is a formula. If you want to maximize positive outcomes, including how Ambassadors feel about the experience and what they get it out of it, as well as community impact, then work through it with me. This particular department provided us with a unique opportunity to prove it – and they do, year after year!! They improved participation by 7% and dollars raised by 14%! I am so proud of this department.

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