Stars Shine Bright: Celebrating Our Employee Giving Program Ambassadors

Thank you to everyone who joined and helped us celebrate the 2018 Annual Giving Drive — and our collective impact as King County employees!

Our Employee Giving Program is a great example of the positive impact we have, and the stories we share as public sector employees. It makes all of us feel so proud to work here, to work with you, and to share with the world.

Hundreds of King County employees came together and made this program a labor of love. This program would not be what it is without you. A huge and well-deserved thank you to all of you!

Ambassador Awards

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Outstanding Ambassadorship:

  • Michael Allan, DAJD
  • Kerry Wade, DCHS
  • Department of Public Defense Team
  • Mary Mahone-Noodel, DES
  • Kerry Flory, DES
  • Minna Elo, DES
  • Amanda Gudmunson, DES
  • Angela Strong, DES
  • Wayne Brassard, DES
  • Krystyna Weberg, District Court
  • Rodel Hipolito, DJA
  • DJA Crew, DJA
  • Beth Freeman, DJA
  • Karen Guillermo, DLS
  • Carrie Baba, DLS
  • Cathy Ortiz, DLS
  • Amiee Mccrea, DNRP
  • Erika Peterson, DNRP
  • Juan Vazquez, Elections
  • Kristian Rose, Elections
  • Brooke McConnaughey and Festival of Frights Team
  • Elaine Porterfield, KCIT
  • Rhonda Mendel, KCIT
  • Samantha Crowe, KCIT
  • Kieu Ton, KCIT
  • Breanna Weaver & TJ Cosgrove, Public Health
  • Greg Wilson, Public Health
  • Stacy Linardic, Public Health
  • Sarah Cox, Public Health
  • Dan Brandes, Public Health
  • Mike Vu, Public Health
  • Jeffrey Brown, Public Health
  • Allen Cantara, Public Health
  • Julie Fredrickson, Public Health
  • Dorcas Olegario, Superior Court
  • Erica Conway, Superior Court
  • Zumatra Bacon, Transit
  • Kathy Maddux, Transit
  • Roger Bruckshen, Transit

Department Awards 

Departments with 250 or Fewer Employees

  • Highest Dollars Raised & Highest Participation, Executive Office
  • New Connections and Tied for Most Improved, King County Elections and Department of Assessments

Departments with 251-600 Employees

  • Highest Participation, King County Information Technology
  • Highest Dollars, King County Information Technology
  • Most Improved & New Connections, Department of Public Defense

Departments 601 or More Employees

  • Highest Dollars and Highest Participation, Department of Natural Resources and Parks
  • Most Improved and New Connections, Transit

Committee Service

Thank you to the following outgoing Employee Giving Program Committee members for your endless passion and dedication to making the world a better place through workplace giving.

  • Tricia Barbachan, Transit 
  • Lluvia Ellison-Morales, Executive Services 
  • Kim Laymen, Local Services
  • Mistic Straight, Adult and Juvenile Detention

Thank you…

  • 2018 Annual Giving Drive Honorary Co-Chairs: Julie Wise, Director of Elections and Tanya Hannah, Chief Information Officer
  • The KCEGP Committee for planning and bringing about this event
  • Harborstone Credit Union for being our Annual Giving Drive sponsor and partner
  • Campaign Executives: Chris Zanassi, Hilary Leonard, Jackie Jin, Dana Peregrine, Hillary Beehler, and Dominique Soldato
  • The Departments that provided support: DOT, DNRP, DES, Transit, Assessments and Elections
  • KCIT crew that helped us with graphics, communications, processes and more!
  • FMD and the Mailroom for their amazing work.
  • Our nonprofits for celebrating with us and sharing their impact
  • Most importantly, King County employees for the amazing work you do each day. We are proud to be a part of such an exceptional workforce and to celebrate these accomplishments.

Interested in meaningful personal and professional development opportunities? Join our award-winning program today by becoming a committee member or signing up as an Ambassador.