2018 Ambassador STAR Awards – Special Event Impact, Kathleen Park and BRC Team.

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.


Special Event Impact: Kathleen Park and the BRC team.

Every year, there is someone or a team that tons of nominations come in for and you just know that they have touched so many hearts. This year it was in this category. This team, and its lead for the event, received 7 separate nominations from people! And if you were there in person, you know why.

She had a vision that she shared with me over coffee a year ago and she brought it to life to a room packed full of people. This event engaged employees from across the county, had leadership involved, and showcased not only broad talents, but also the diversity of our employee interests! It was one of the most anticipated and talked about events during the Annual Giving Drive.

Kathleen Park did an INCREDIBLE job organizing the BRC Lip Sync event” “This was the most fun packed event I have attended for Employee Giving. The team did an amazing job creating and orchestrating a challenging and innovative event, creating memories for the teams involved, inspiring others to participate, and modelling the way for supporting a culture of giving” and “In addition to being a rip-roaring good time that had the audience singing along, clapping to the beat, and wildly cheering for their colleagues, the event raised thousands of dollars for a number of charities.”” ~Nominator

Thank you, Kathy!

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