2018 Ambassador STAR Awards – Outstanding Ambassadorship

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.






Outstanding Ambassadorship:

  • Michael Allen, DAJD
  • Kerry Wade, DCHD
  • Department of Public Defense Team
  • Mary Mahone- Noodel, DES
  • Kerry Flory, DES
  • Minna Elo, DES
  • Amanda Gudmunson, DES
  • Angela Strong, DES
  • Wayne Brassard, DES
  • Krystyna Weberg, District Court
  • Rodel Hipolito DJA
  • DJA Crew DJA
  • Beth Freeman DJA
  • Karen Guillermo DLS
  • Carrie Baba DLS
  • Cathy Ortis, DLS
  • Amiee Mccrea DNRP
  • Erika Peterson, DNRP
  • Juan Vazquez, Elections
  • Kristina Rose, Elections
  • Brooke McConnaughey & Festival of Frights Team, Executive Department
  • Elain Porterfield, KCIT
  • Rhonda Mendel KCIT
  • Samantha Crowe KCIT
  • Kieu Ton KCIT
  • Breanna Weaver & TJ Cosgrove, Public Health
  • Greg Wilson, Public Health
  • Stacy Linardic, Public Health
  • Sarah Cox, Public Health
  • Dan Brandes, Public Health
  • Mike Vu, Public Health
  • Jeffrey Brown, Public Health
  • Allen Cantara, Public Health
  • Julie Fredrickson, Public Health
  • Dorcas Olegario, Superior Court
  • Erica Conway, Superior Court
  • Zumatra Bacon, Transit
  • Kathy Maddux, Transit
  • Roger Bruckshen, Transit

When someone goes out of their way to tell you how AWESOME someone or a group is, they should be recognized! We couldn’t do it without them. These employees did something special to help their fellow employees shine a little brighter.

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