2018 Ambassador STAR Awards – Community Connector, Robert Nunnenkamp

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.

_DSC0670Community Connector: Department of Natural Resources and Parks Robert Nunnenkamp

This award celebrates employees and teams that take our nonprofit relationships to the next level and this person does that year after year! We always start Ambassador training with discussing our “Whys” what motivates us to do this work. Our next award winner has a very personal why and that why is his daughter. I will never forget when I personally learned his story and he so willingly shared it with our King County community. For over the last 10+ years this employee has been a very active supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as he puts it to “Add more tomorrows”. He is not only a generous donor but incredibly active in the community nsharing the critical mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. AND he’s been an amazing Ambassador for the Employee Giving Program!

One of the most touching parts of the nomination that I think sums it up perfectly is “He has been a great inspiration to all of us, has encouraged others to give generously and educated us all on the crucial and meaningful work CFF does.” Robert, you truly are an inspiration – thank you so much for your work! ~Nominator

Congratulations, Robert!

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