Thank you Outgoing EGP Committee Members

We are so proud of our EGP committee members, Leslie Arai and Mark Sherard, for the legacy they have created. Their dedication and inventiveness brought immeasurable value to the Employee Giving Program and has set up their fellow committee members for continued success.

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Mark Sherard has been part of the Employee Giving Program for fifteen years. The last three and half years he served on the committee as the DCHS representative, but his role has been much more than that. Mark has brought his charm to entertaining EGP videos, chaired several subcommittees, and served in multiple committee leadership positions including Chair, Chair-Elect, and Treasurer. He brings a little Zen, a little spunk, a lot of energy, and a compassion to the EGP and our nonprofits. Mark has given us a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. He will be dearly missed!

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Leslie Arai, our KCIT All Star representative, is also leaving the committee this year.  Leslie has served on the Employee Giving Program Committee for over 5 years. Prior to that she worked with the EGP as an Ambassador. She has been our Queen of IT resolutions, and played a critical role in creating process maps for transitioning to our new CRM database. Leslie has also held multiple subcommittee positions as well as board positions. She is a go-getter, always stepping up to help wherever she is needed. Leslie’s wealth of knowledge and technical expertise has preemptively curtailed so many headaches. We can not thank you enough, Leslie!


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