2017 STAR Awards – Departments 251-600 employees

The King County Employee Giving Program Department Achievement Awards recognize departmental milestones in 4 categories: participation rate, overall dollars pledged, most improved from previous year, and the number of “new connections,” a.k.a new  donors, that were made in a year.

The EGP is excited to recognize the following departments with 251 to 600 employees for their achievements:

Participation ( 2-way tie): Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS)

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This is the eighth year in a row DCHS has had the highest participation in their departmental category. DCHS leads the way in making workplace giving an opportunity to build stronger teams, foster creativity, and engage employees. The extraordinary results speak for themselves. Way to go DCHS!

Dollars Raised and Participation (2-way tie): King County Information Technology (KCIT)

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KCIT not only tied to a tenth of a percent for Highest Participation,  but also came up with a win for Dollars Raised. Their goal to increase nonprofit presence throughout the Annual Giving Drive sure paid off! Thank you KCIT for continually making the most out of the program’s resources for community connections!

Most Improved and New Connections: Department of Public Defense (DPD)

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The Department of Public Defense (DPD) continues to be the rising-star department of the Employee Giving Program. Once again, they showed the most overall improvement, not just in their category, but in the entire county! Using imaginative events to build momentum, the DPD increased dollars raised by an incredible 113% and grew participation by 30%! Congratulations Public Defense on your rock star teamwork!

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