2017 Ambassador STAR Awards – Outstanding Ambassadorship

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.

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Outstanding Ambassadorship:

  • Mary Ann Collier Assessor
  • Sara Franklin Assessor
  • Team Black River Assessor
  • Mindy Hawkins DCHS
  • Elaine Goddard DCHS
  • JanRose Ottaway Martin DCHS
  • Jennell Hicks DCHS
  • Kerry Wade DCHS
  • Rosalyn Hurskin DCHS
  • Wendy DeRobbio DCHS
  • Kathleen Park DES
  • Krystyna Weberg District Court
  • Minerva Humphrie DNRP
  • Carrie Baba, Karen Guillermo, and the Holiday Basket Team DOT
  • Dale Cummings DOT
  • Karen Derr, Susan West, and the Pet Lover Team DOT
  • Yung Turong and her Banh Mi Sandwich Team DOT
  • Lynda Smith Elections
  • Jemi Kwon Elections
  • Jennifer Nelson-Ritchie Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Downtown Public Health Staff
  • Dee Dhlamini & Team Public Health
  • Elizabeth Ellingsen-Wannamaker Sheriff’s Office
  • Julia Greenfield Sheriff’s Office

These employees did something special to help their fellow employees shine brighter. Their peers wanted to recognize them for being completely awesome.

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