2017 STAR Awards – Departments of 250 or fewer employees

The King County Employee Giving Program Department Achievement Awards recognize departmental milestones in 4 categories: participation rate, overall dollars pledged, most improved from previous year, and the number of “new connections,” aka new employee donors, that were made in a year.

The EGP is excited to recognize the following departments with 250 or fewer employees for their achievements:

Participation, Dollars Raised, & New Connections: King County Executive Office


Rachel Smith, Chief of Staff accepted on behalf of the Executive’s office.

The Executive Office had the highest overall participation, at 69% of employees, the highest of any department or separately elected office in King County. Way to lead by example! We are incredibly proud of this department’s showing of support for nonprofits and the community.

Most Improved: King County Elections


Lead Ambassador, Lynda Smith accepted on behalf of the Executive’s office.

This department was driven by a shared spirit of ingenuity and inspiration. Year after year they raise the stakes and outdo themselves. This year they had the second highest participation rate in all of King County! Congrats to King County Elections!

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