2017 Ambassador STAR Awards – Rookie of the Year, Kendall Cornejo

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams for outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.

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Rookie of the Year: Kendall Cornejo, King County Sheriff’s Office

This award recognizes employees who in their first time serving as an Ambassador who take the opportunity by the horns. This person received 7, that’s right, 7 separate nominations! She was fairly new to her job assignment but still enthusiastically agreed to take on this leadership role in addition to her high volume of work. She built a great team of 16 workplace ambassadors and coordinated 8 large fundraising events, increasing donations by 30%!

 “Kendall jumped right in on this assignment she had never done previously.  She did so with great enthusiasm and was an outstanding coordinator and communicator within the Sheriff’s Office.  She inspired a renewed interest in the Annual Giving Drive for many of us to step up and participate.  Thank you, Kendall!”~Nominator

Congratulations, Kendall!

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