2017 Ambassador STAR Awards – Inspiration, Kathy Gill

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.

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Inspiration: Kathy Gill, Elections

This award recognizes the person or team who helped others shine a little brighter. Their passion, hard work and enthusiasm is contagious. They overcame obstacles during the Annual Giving Drive or were determined in their actions.

Our 2017 winner in this category has been an Ambassador for many years, but this year was different. This year she was battling breast cancer. She was on a restricted workload because of her treatment, but she was resolved to participate every way you could. In fact, her colleagues chose Breast Cancer Research Foundation in her honor for one of the special events!

“She shared her story to our department inspiring so many others. She is a ray of sunshine and is already thinking about next years EGP events.” ~Nominator

Thank you, Kathy!

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