EGP Committee Spotlight: Mistica Straight

In 2016, despite knee surgery, Misti Straight completed eleven 5Ks—that’s nearly one a month! Misti loves sports. She’s an avid Seahawks fan and frequently spends her time cheering from the stands at Mariners games, Seahawks games, and NHL games. She also serves as Vice President on the board of a junior football nonprofit, Pac Highway Junior Football and Cheer. Sports and nonprofits overlap for Misti in more than one way. Nonprofits are at the heart of her dedication to 5K races. “Most of the [5Ks] I choose I do because of the [benefitting] nonprofit” she says.

FB_IMG_1520346678666 (002)
Misti at the Nashville 5K finish line

This year marks Misti’s third year serving on the Employee Giving Program Committee. She began as an  EGP Ambassador when a friendly “voluntold” nudge from her supervisor encouraged her become a committee member. Now she is on the committee leadership team and will serve as the Committee Chair this coming year. Her drive to increase awareness of the program and get more people and nonprofits involved has kept her engaged.

Equally important for Misti is the people and the camaraderie of the Employee Giving Program Committee. “There is a huge diversity in our group because we all come from different programs so we all have different backgrounds, but we all have the same drive and same passion,” she states. “The committee allows me to work with a lot of people. It gets me out of the office a little bit and lets me work with the nonprofits…it keeps me active within the County.”


Interested in joining the Employee Giving Program Committee?  We’re currently accepting new committee members. Please submit an application prior to March 23rd to be considered. Click HERE to learn more!