My Story – One World


Story submitted by Beverly Hawkins, King County Employee

Listening to NPR, National Public Radio, I heard a story about the Ebola outbreak in Liberia a few years back. It spoke of the brave doctors on the frontline, fighting this horrible affliction. One doctor, after coming down with Ebola, was nursed by his mother in an old plastic raincoat and galoshes used as protective gear. As she nursed him past the worst part, he was airlifted to a hospital funded by Samaritan’s Purse, one of the non-profits that I gave to my first year of pledging many years ago. I was so excited about hearing this story that I called Ms. Kroontje to share in my excitement.

Imagine my surprise, when last week, I heard another story about Samaritan’s Purse rebuilding houses in the Houston Texas area that had been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Again, here was this marvelous organization stepping up where needed most.
This is why I give because there is OneWorld. OneLove. and I wish for Peace.