The best time to thank your workplace giving donor.

A frequently asked question we get from Nonprofits, especially those new to workplace giving, is:

When is the best time to thank my workplace giving donor? 


Here is the answer: The Point of Pledge

There are a couple of key reasons for this:

Nonprofits are not responsible for tax documentation.

In a majority of cases, nonprofits are not responsible for tax documentation for the workplace giving donor.
Therefore, sending out thank yous with each check that is cut to the organization or year-end is unnecessary step costing you time and money.  This reduction in mailings is a huge benefit to nonprofit organizations.


It is the closest action point to when the donor made the commitment. So the acknowledgment feels more timely.  Additionally, there is a lag between when donations are deducted from paychecks to when checks are cut to the charities including cross-over of years. These single, larger check efficiencies are another benefit of workplace giving for the nonprofit allowing you to budget for the year and not have to process individual checks.  But when you send thank yous at that point it makes the acknowledgment feel delayed and, frankly, can sometimes be confusing for donors. Our job is to create a seamless relationship and communication for our donors.


The workplace giving/nonprofit/donor relationship is an important one! Workplace giving offers a wide variety of benefits for everyone involved. By reducing the work on the things you don’t have to do – you can increase the items that add value to your relationship, such as continuing to raise awareness about your mission, inviting people to take the next step by volunteering, and preparing them to be your champions!


The best workplace giving program thank yous I see are:

  • Personal – Thank the person for the amount they pledged.
  • References the source – “through XYZ Company’s Community Cares Program”
  • Highlights the work for the coming year (or key statistics from the prior year) and shares a story example of the mission.
  • Does not include an additional solicitation for money (mailing envelope, ask in the letter, etc.)
  • May include an invite to be on the general mailing list or email list.

BONUS Thank you

There is one other time when an additional acknowledgment would be well-timed: October.  Or during the appropriate workplace giving timeframe for that employer, but October captures a big piece of the workplace giving world.  This communication could be a simple email even. It would:

  • Thank them for giving through the workplace.
  • Tell them what you have accomplished together so far.
  • Could include this ask: We hope you will continue to support us as you renew your pledges for the coming the year.
  • If allowed at the company – Ask them to become a champion at work! To share their story with their employer or peers.

There are way more tips and tricks on acknowledging donors from the professionals!  But from a workplace giving perspective, these are our top picks.  Do you have a great example of a workplace giving acknowledgment that we could share? We would love to see it!