The 1-2-3s on how to retrieve tax documentation for donations


This time of year we often get questions from both employees and our nonprofit partners about documenting workplace giving charitable donations.

For payroll donations, the IRS wants you to have two things:

  1. A copy of your pledge
  2. A copy of a paystub or a W-2

If you donated through the King County Employee Giving Program, lucky you! Here’s the scoop on just how easy it is to retrieve this documentation for tax purposes!

For Employees:

  1. Log into Peoplesoft (
  2. From Main Menu: Go to “My Giving” –> Charitable Campaign Pledge –> Click “View” for 2016 Calendar Year (Print this page!)
  3. From Main Menu: Go to “My Payroll” –> View PDF Pay Advice –> Click on “Get Advice PDF” for the last paycheck issue date (Print this page!)

*If you made a time donation then ensure you keep the letter from the King County Employee Giving Program that states your donated dollar amount of time donated.

For Nonprofits:

  • Unless you have a contract stating otherwise, the employer or the vendor the employer has contracted with has the documentation your donors need. Yes – you read that right – yet another perk of workplace giving. You might wonder about thanking your donors, we will cover that in an upcoming post.
  • A glaring exception is if the employee has written a personal check, then it should be treated like any other check written to the organization.

For more questions or information on substantiating charitable donations for your taxes, visit the King County Employee Giving Program page at or click here

King County may not provide official tax advice – please see your tax advisor with specific questions