My Story: Lifetime mentors for my kids

MyStorvycoverAs a single mother of two small children, who didn’t have their biological dad in their lives, I decided to contact the Big Brother Big Sister program to see if I could find mentors for my children…what they received was more than I could ever have imagined!

My ADHD son, Josh, met his Big Brother Paul, a Federal Law Attorney, when he was 6 ½ years old.  At their first meeting, my son, too shy to speak out loud, would whisper the answers to Paul’s questions in my ear and I would speak for him…that was until, Paul told Josh he had a dog.  No longer shy my son immediately wanted to see the dog, pet him, take him for a walk and give him a bath.  That was all it took to break the ice.  Since this time, 7 years ago, Paul (and his wife) has spent time with my son almost every weekend going to Sounder games, Seahawks games, Thunderbird games, golfing, tennis, movies, treasure hunts, 5k Runs, Mud Runs, dog walks, bike rides, and so many other things!

DiscoverYourStory_TeresaAkeMy son, now 13 ½, has grown up with a selfless, caring, patient and wonderful man who has taken my troubled son under his wing and has provided so many opportunities in his life that I never could have.  My son loves Paul (and his wife) and considers him his hero.  I am so thankful to have Paul as my son’s Big Brother and I wouldn’t know what I would have done without him in his life.

Also, my daughter’s Big Sister, Katrina, an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant, has been in my daughters’ life since she has been 10 years old.  She too has graciously spent time with my daughter on the weekends doing all sorts of fun girl things. Katrina has attended Katlyn’s softball and wrestling games and is always there to cheer her on.  She is an awesome big sister, someone that Katlyn can talk to and confide in.

I cannot say enough good things about the Big Brother Big Sister program and how much they helped my family.  The selfless individuals who volunteer their time to help and spend time with needy kids is incredible!  I think of all the kids who are sitting on a waiting list needing a Big Brother or Big Sister in their lives.  This program is so wonderful, know that your donations WILL go to a good cause!

Submitted by: Teresa Ake (Daniels)
Department/Division: KCDC – Auburn