What’s the buzz around the Nonprofit Expo Roadshow?!?

roadshow-buzzHaven’t had a chance to attend the Nonprofit Expo Road Show? Want to, but not sure what it’s all about?! Here are a few KC employees who shared with us their key takeaways from the Roadshow… 

“Speaking with the representatives of the various organizations, I was very impressed to hear of such genuine dedication to their cause.  They are truly excellent ambassadors for very worthy causes.  While it can be daunting to see the overwhelming needs that exist, it is even more inspiring and humbling to see how much good people are doing in our very own communities.”

Norm Alberg | Director, Executive Services | Attended Chinook Expo, Expert Level Roadshow Attendee


“Two of the agencies stand out for me.  The first was the Pride Foundation.  They provide college scholarships to young adults who either support LGBTQ youth or who identify as LGBTQ.  I was unware that there were college scholarships specifically for LGBTQ kids.  I picked up several brochures and spoke to my daughter about the organization.  My daughter took the brochures to her high school and gave them to her classmates and friends. The second agency was the Jaimeson Jones Fund. The representative works for King County and  I was aware that she had lost a son to cancer several years ago.  Hearing her talk about her loss and how easily it could have been avoided by early detection really struck home.  I was amazed that she was able to channel her grief into a nonprofit that could potentially save thousands of lives. Yes, it was the first time I had attended an Expo but not the last. “

Sean Cockbain | Licensing Inspector, Executive Services | Attended Chinook Expo, Novice Level Roadshow Attendee


“I learned lots of new things (to add to my worldly worry list). I love being around so many people who care.”

Megan Menkveld | Interim Financial Systems Supervisor, Executive Services | Attended Chinook Expo, Novice Level Roadshow Attendee


“There were several —  It was a great opportunity to get some more information on some non-profits that was much quicker than perusing all the NP websites.   I would not have been able to gather that much information, nor ask questions by visiting webpages.  It was a big eye opener and a little heart wrenching too. Overwhelmingly, there are people in our community that need some help and we are in a KSC2position to be able to do that..”

Walters Dannette | Clerk, District Court | Attended Courthouse Expo, Novice Level Roadshow Attendee


“I wasn’t really planning to attend this year, mostly because I have always donated to RASKC’s Pet Benefit Donation Fund, since this fund does so much to help animals that enter our shelter.  The fair had lots of good charity groups represented.  Although I was not looking for a new charity to support, I was surprised to find one that really caught my attention and hit close to home.  I am glad I attended, now I have two charity groups that I can be passionate about and support via payroll deductions and time donations. “

Sean Bouffiou | Administrator, Executive Services | Attended Courthouse Expo, Expert Level Roadshow Attendee