My Story: How a “pie in the face” put a smile on my face


Picture1As the RALS’ Worksite Ambassador, I organized a special event on Friday, November 13th that consisted of our three mangers and our department director, receiving a pie-in-the-face. The raffle raised a total of $310 with all proceeds going to Fred Hutch (the organization was voted on by the RALS employees).

Initially, I chose this date, “Friday the 13th”,  to rouse the unlucky managers who were selected to have a pie thrown at them. However, when I woke up on that morning, I heard the news announce that today was World Pancreatic Cancer Day. My heart sank as it took me back to 5 years ago when my father passed away from pancreatic cancer on October 30th, 2010. Just two days before my birthday.

I felt fortunate to raise money and awareness for cancer research on the same day when globally we are recognizing all those who have been touched by pancreatic cancer in some way, shape or form. My father was an amazing man whom I miss dearly every day. He was a generous, loving, good person for whom I have so much to thank. I was incredibly touched to be able to share this moment with my colleagues, and equally touched when my name was pulled from the hat. It truly felt like I was giving a pie in the face to pancreatic cancer!


Submitted by:
Mary Ann Treichel
Division: Records and Licensing Services Division