The true meaning behind “Annual Giving Drive”


A little can go a long way. Check out the video on the power of donation to see how your donation can change the world!

N ational Award Winning Program. The KCEGP has received two national awards in Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving.

N onprofits benefit the most. Organizations often lose money gaining new donors through direct mail and then on average spend 20 cents to raise a dollar for renewals (or 20% of funds raised). The cost of the EGP has varied between 8-12%, lower than the national workplace average of 16% and still far below direct mail renewal, the next most cost-effective model. These costs include fundraising, pledge processing, marketing and promotional materials, personnel costs and rent and overhead.

U nderstanding Others. This is an opportunity to contribute on a personal level, and learn and grow as an employee.

A pproved workplace activity KCC 3.36. The King County Employee Giving Program Committee spent two years researching and reviewing industry best practices for public sector workplace giving programs and began implementing those findings in 2012 by revising King County Code 3.36, the governing legislation for the King County Employee Giving Program.  The revisions, grounded in best-practices and guiding principles that align with the King County Strategic Plan, streamlined the code and made it more authorizing in nature.

L eadership giving is the set-it-and-forget-it automatic form of charitable giving that is based on the equivalent of an hour of pay. More than 50% of donors give at a leadership level!


G iving can be done in three ways: Payroll Deduction, Time Donation , and/or Direct Check

I t provides leadership and development opportunities for our KC employees who have stepped up as Ambassadors / On-site Representatives during the Giving Campaign.

V ision of “Working Together  for One King County” is applied throughout the program

I nspirational time of the year where each of us gets to participate in a fun and easy activity that makes such a large impact on our community and the world. Check out the Events Calendar to see what is going in your area!

N on profit Expo Roadshow is a great opportunity to meet and greet with +250 nonprofit organizations

G iveaways, prizes, swag… need I say more?
Submit your Expo Roadshow passport and win a GoPro!


D iscover your story. This is what it is truly about. Tell your story and listen to others share theirs, you’ll be amazed to find out how small our world really is.

R OCK STAR King County Employees raised $1.75 million for participating nonprofits in 2014. Help us reach this year’s goal of $1.82M!

I mpacts our Continuous Improvement Effots. One of the improvements we have worked toward for several years launched this year in PeopleSoft.  If you pledged last year, when you log-in and click on “Make A Charitable Campaign Pledge” the information from last year now carries over!  Less data entry! Learn how to confirm your pledge online.

V arious types of organizations accessible from one easy-to-use search engine.

E very employee has a PeopleSoft log-in. Click here to launch and donate!

Visit our KC EGP Employee homepage for more information!