I want this – but not that!

Why am I getting this email?  

Sound familiar my nonprofit friends? Well, I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want from me as well.  While this post specifically discusses nonprofit email subscription topics, the same principles can be applied to employee topics as well.

Here you go, a step-by-step guide to making sure you are getting what you want, when you want it from us. Whether you are an interested or current nonprofit or would just like another email, this is the email subscription post for you.

The King County Employee Giving Program launched our new digital subscription solution, GovDelivery, last year to help you stay informed about the program, application process, speaking opportunities and more. This new service allows you to manage your subscription to us and if you are interested in other King County related activities you can now manage all alerts in one place.  Puget Sound based nonprofits love this feature!

Features include:

  • Email or Text Messages: Receive messages by email or by text on your phone.
  • Subscription Management: Manage your profile 24/7 including subscription topics and frequency of updates.
  • Message Delivery Improvement: Program emails will be substantially less likely to go to spam/junk folder.

You can change your subscription or cancel this service at any time.  However, please be aware that this will be the primary communication tool for important deadlines and information for the EGP.  If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you are on the list!

Which Topics are right for you?

Here are some sample nonprofit topics:

  • EGP – Employee Giving Program News – Nonprofits
    • This is for general announcements and news – newsletters, opportunities, etc.
  • EGP – Nonprofit Application Information – Nonprofits
    • Do you want to know about or are you responsible for the Annual Application? Then check this box!
  • EGP – Speaking and Tabling Opportunities
    • Are you the person who schedules or is the speaker for your organization?

Add Email/Manage Current Subscriber Preferences/Delete Account


Enter in the email address or phone number that you received the message on and click submit. **Please note, if you have previously set up a password on your account it will ask for it after you click submit. The password feature is not automatic.

You will then come to the subscriptions page that will look something like this, depending on what you are subscribed to:


On this page you can delete and add topics or delete the entire account.

  • Click on the “Questions” Tab


  • The following questions are the most important to be answered as a Nonprofit in the KCEGP:


  • Then click submit and you are all updated!

How do I remove someone no longer with the organization?

  • Follow the steps above, if there was no password set-up you can either delete the entire account or change the email address on the account if you want it to go to a new one.
  • If there IS a password set-up, send a request to kroontje@kingcounty.gov

What else would you like to know about managing your email subscriptions to the program?  Let me know and I might post about it soon!

Ready to subscribe?