King County Employee Giving Program Receives National Award for Excellence

The King County Employee Giving Program, which enables County employees to support charities through their workplace, received a national award from EarthShare. The award was presented Wednesday to County Executive Dow Constantine and Program Administrator Junelle Kroontje. William Borden, Executive Director of EarthShare Washington, represented EarthShare.

In announcing the award, Borden cited the program’s innovation, leadership, and support for a broad array of nonprofits, including environmental organizations. The program, for example, informs county employees via social media about disaster relief efforts nationally, internationally, and closer to home in Oso, Washington.

Borden said, “At a time when public sector (government) workplaces have experienced declines in employee philanthropy, King County has managed to do just the opposite. The King County program experienced an 11% increase in employee donations over the prior year.”

County Executive Dow Constantine noted donations from county employees benefit more than 900 nonprofit organizations ranging from food banks to international aid to environmental organizations.

Ms. Kroontje accepted the award today along with a “Rising Star” award she received earlier this year from a national nonprofit conference in New York.

Representing more than 60 leading environmental organizations, EarthShare helps workplaces build and expand their employee philanthropy programs. EarthShare Washington is EarthShare’s local affiliate.

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