Join us! 2021 Nonprofit Application Cycle & Workshops

For over 30 years, King County employees have been donating money and time to the nonprofits of their choice through the Employee Giving Program. This past year saw them raise over $2 million.  

For nonprofit organizations to benefit from this program, they must apply annually and meet the eligibility requirements — even if they have participated in the past. 

Application workshop 

Organizations are highly encouraged to join the virtual workshop to ensure their application is complete, correct and submitted by the May 11 deadline. Members of nonprofits who participate in a workshop are more likely to submit error-free, eligible applications. 

Every eligible nonprofit that submits a completed application on time will be accepted into the program for this year. 

Important Application Dates  

  • Application release date: April 13, 2021 
  • Application due date: May 11, 2021 

Learn more about the King County Employee Giving Program on our website