How you can help people facing severe winter weather

People around the country are facing extreme challenges due to winter weather. As of Feb. 18, 34 deaths were linked to severe weather across seven states. Residents in Texas are facing severe cold, long-lasting power outages, water issues and food insecurity. Things are bad in Oklahoma, after a record-setting stretch of sub-zero temperatures. A winter storm continues to pummel the South. Winter weather also has disrupted vaccine distribution across the U.S.

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Whenever a natural disaster strikes, one of the resources we offer our employees year-round is a one-stop list of King County Employee Giving Program nonprofits that are responding.  Workplace Giving dollars are incredibly valuable for these organizations.  They help them to plan for the unexpected and invest in long-term recovery.  As more nonprofits are confirmed they will be added to this page.

How to give a one-time donation through EGP

See below for some Employee Giving Program nonprofits (along with their organization number) that are helping with severe weather in the U.S.

There are many nonprofits in various states that are not in the Employee Giving Program and giving to any reputable organization makes a difference.

Employee Giving Program Nonprofits responding to winter weather (more will be added as we receive them):

American Red Cross, 9343

The American Red Cross works closely with the entire response community, including our government and community partners, to operate emergency shelters and coordinate readiness and response efforts to provide lifesaving relief to those in need.

Best Friends Animal Society, 5007

Some of the actions already taken include:

  • Procuring multiple heat lamps for a rural shelter in Marathon, Texas ahead of last weekend’s single digit temps.
  • Covering the cost of boarding animals who typically sleep in outdoor runs at a rural shelter in Groveton, Texas.
  • Assisting our friends at Humane Society of Harlingen with supplies and transports, allowing them the capacity to help some of the more rural shelters in their area. 

Given the problems with power, access and communications, we expect that needs may increase in the coming days. 

Direct Relief, 2843 

Direct Relief  has been active in response to the emergencies in Texas and has shipped nearly $500,000 in medicine and supplies to nonprofit health centers and clinics throughout the state this week, including PPE, personal care products, and chronic disease medications.

The Humane Society of the United States, 2821

The Humane Society of the United States received an urgent message from our friends at the Houston SPCA asking for 3,500 gallons of potable water for the animals.  The blackout shut down the city’s water purification system, so most of Houston has no potable water.  We’ve reached out to local bottlers and brewers, but they’re facing the same electrical outages, and water supplies companies further out are backlogged with orders.