Giving for tomorrow

There have been fantastic examples of folks stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the great potato giveaway, making masks and face shields for front line workers, to the COVID relief funds that sprang up overnight. Our community action during this crisis has been awe inspiring, as we also see through the generosity of those contributing through King County’s Regional Donations Connector. It’s connecting supplies and other resources with people on the front lines every day. 

Whenever a natural disaster or an emergency hits, we at the program talk about two ways to support our nonprofit organizations through workplace giving.

  1. Helping in the moment; and
  2. Pledging to support them year round through payroll donation.

In addition to giving in reaction to the crisis, we also want to celebrate all of our King County Employees who made a commitment last fall to support their favorite organizations and causes through workplace giving. Because of their forethought, since the beginning of 2020 we have distributed more than $1 million to participating nonprofit organizations. Right when they needed it the most.

  • Organizations such as Social Justice Fund Northwest fighting xenophobia and racism.
  • Food banks across the region pivoting their food distribution models to continue to serve ever growing vulnerable populations.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA who are providing free child care for essential workers.

Year round giving opportunities such as payroll donation through workplace giving and other recurring gifts are an important piece to building resilience in our organizations.  Having a consistent foundation means more flexibility to adapt services and reserves to weather the storm. Especially as we look to the future and the vital role that community based organizations will play in our recovery.

Thank you, King County Employees, for all you are doing: past, present, and future! We not only act for today, we act for brighter tomorrows.

When we give together, we change the world for the better.