Giving during COVID-19

Here at the program, we believe in the strong power of philanthropy and know that our nonprofit organizations are on the front lines of this work. This is a long haul issue and we need our nonprofit organizations to make it through to the other side.

Philanthropy is a huge act of community and builds resilience. It is also a powerful tool in our toolbox in combating this pandemic.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers

So many of our nonprofits are the helpers. Sometimes, our helpers need help. Together, we can make sure they have the resources they need to not only face this pandemic head-on, but also to weather the storm. Their missions do not stop even in the middle of a pandemic.

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All nonprofits

All of our nonprofits need support right now as funding streams have been reduced or stopped all together.  From the arts to the zoos, it is hitting the nonprofit sector hard.

  • Give directly for immediate cash flow and assistance. Find your favorite and go.
  • Maintain your commitments if you can. These pledges and on-going commitments build the foundation for the future that our nonprofits rely upon and are imperative during times of crisis.

Find links to participating nonprofits web pages here. 

In support of COVID-19 directly

Many of our nonprofits are serving the front lines and our most vulnerable populations.

See the Employee Giving COVID-19 web page here with up to date information.

Watch out for scams 

Scams rise during times of crisis. Use trusted sources and go directly to your favorite nonprofits web pages.

A radical act of self-love

You may not be in the position to give in the way that you normally do or you may need some of the resources you often support. That is okay. We all do what we can, when we can, with what we have. Give yourself the gift of self-love and know that you are doing the best you can. We are all in this together. Stay home (if you can). Stay safe. I see you.

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