2018 Ambassador STAR Awards – Rookie of the Year, Kathleen Bishop and Alison Yamasaki

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams for outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.


Rookie of the Year: Kathleen Bishop and Alison Yamasaki (not pictured).

This award recognizes Ambassadors who are doing this for their first time. Who take it by the horns and jump right in. This team rocked outreach to their employees and found innovative solutions when barriers presented themselves. They did multiple special events including one where their employees got to love on some kittens! They engaged their employees in all the ways we give and showed us that no matter WHERE you work in thecounty you can rock this program! Congratulations Kathleen Bishop and Alison Yamasaki!

As their nominators put it “Alison and Kathleen were both first time ambassadors, but definitely hit the ground running. We beat our engagement goal, raised nearly $1,000 in special events, donated 60 gifts to Make-A-Wish, and found one sweet kitty a home!

Congratulations, Kathleen Bishop and Alison Yamasaki

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