Bill Lukov – Thank you for your Service

On any given Friday, Bill Lukov can be found in an Employee Giving t-shirt.  Ranging all the way back further than most of us even knew was possible.  He can probably even tell you what year it is from. Once, for a group photo, he single-handedly provided the wardrobe!

The King County Employee Giving Program is overseen by a committee made up of King County employees from across the county.  They have the challenging and important role of bringing their unique perspective and that of their departments to table.

It is not for the faint of heart – because this is one of the hardest working committees around, solving policy questions, vetting nonprofits, and engaging 13,500 employees. All with the lofty goal of the making the world a better place. And they do.

Bill Lukov is an example of that.  He is not only recognized for his work on the committee but also from his peers for his passion in general about Employee Giving at his work site.

Year after year, Bill quietly and reliably takes on the task of coordinating the drive for the Solid Waste Division. One of the reasons I participate in the program is due to Bill’s dedication to it. If, during one of the busiest times of the year for his work unit, Bill can consistently year after year give his time to the program, I feel the least I can do is take the time to fill out a form to participate.

~King County Employee Nominator


In his time with the Committee, Bill organized large events with hundreds of employees in attendance, served consistently and reliably as the treasurer, and would ALWAYS step up to whatever role he was needed in, even if it was outside of his comfort zone.

His unending love for philanthropy and willingness to share his story is an inspiration to everyone!

We were sorry that his term was over on the committee – but we know he won’t be a stranger to the program! Thank you, Bill, for you service!

Interested in developing personally and professionally and making a difference, like Bill? Join our award-winning program today by joining the committee or being an Ambassador.