2016 Ambassador STAR Awards – Inspiration

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.


Pictured: Lorinda Youngcourt, Nila File’s Award, Dave Upthegrove

Inspiration: Nila File, Executive’s Office

This award recognizes the person or team who helped others’ STAR shine a little brighter. Their passion, hard work and enthusiasm are contagious. They overcame obstacles during the Annual Giving Drive or were determined in their actions.

Nila has been inspiring employees for years, tirelessly spreading the word of the employee giving program and taking the time to help employees fill out pledge forms, all with endless patience and caring. Nila has had a lot of personal obstacles to overcome as well but continues to show passion and dedication each Annual Giving Drive.

Nila can and does think of others even when she is struggling so valiantly. She embodies the true spirit of Giving. ~nominator

Thank you, Nila!

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