Nominate a STAR Peer before Feb. 4th!


It’s that time of the year to recognize a colleague who went far and beyond the call of duty to make a difference in the community!

With the Employee Giving Program’s Annual Celebration just around the corner — Thursday, February 4 2016 (details below) — which celebrates outstanding performance contributions made by department and individuals, we want to remind you to nominate your STAR peers!

This year’s categories are:

  • Techy/Innovation Award This award is for creative use of technology or innovations in reaching employees.
  • Service Excellence This award honors customer service and ambassadorship that goes above and beyond. They led by example in honor, respect, and results.
  • Community Connector – This award is for engagement with the nonprofits to the next level, whether volunteering in the community, representing a nonprofit here at the workplace, and/or maximizing the opportunities for nonprofits to engage with employees.
  • Special Event Impact – This award recognizes a group or person that created fun, innovative events to inspired employees and created a culture of giving.
  • Inspiration – This award recognizes the person or team that helped others STAR shine  a little  brighter. Their passion, hard-work, and enthusiasm was contagious.  They overcame obstacles during the Annual Giving Drive or were determined in their actions.
  • Rookie of the Year – This award honors that person or team who jumped in with both feet their first time around and made things happen!  We love their fearlessness!
  • Special Mention – Outstanding Ambassadorship – Is there someone you feel did an amazing job but doesn’t  fit into one of the categories above?  Share their story with us!  We would LOVE to honor them.
  • “Most Likely to…..”  – You fill in the blank! This one is simply for fun and a way to recognize that superlative ambassador!

Want to see who won last year?  Check it out.