Hurricane Ian – How to Support Disaster Recovery During the Annual Giving Drive

Those living in the Gulf Coast are no stranger to inclement weather, however Hurricane Ian is serving as a reminder of just how powerful storms in the American Southeast can become. A massive Category 4 Hurricane, Ian has become one of the most intense storms to ever make landfall in the United States. Causing instant destruction to Florida homes and business, Ian left over 2.5 million without power. 

Due to the immense flooding and resulting infrastructure damage, Search and Rescue teams have gone out by boat throughout the affected area, helping those trapped find refuge. The damaged area is likely to grow, as the National Hurricane Center has warned that a storm surge of 6 feet or more was possible as far north as Charleston, South Carolina.  

How to support current disaster relief efforts during the Annual Giving Drive: 

Whenever a natural disaster or emergency strikes, one of the year-round resources we offer our employees is a one-stop list of King County Employee Giving Program nonprofits that are responding. Workplace Giving dollars are incredibly valuable for these organizations to plan for the unexpected and invest in long-term services.  Bookmark this page; we’ll add more organizations as they are approved! 

*Tip*  PeopleSoft is set up to process only one online transaction, we suggest you submit your disaster giving donation at the same time as your Annual Giving pledge. If you wish to provide other donations or pledges, simply download and submit the pledge paper form and email it to 

Listed below are several of the Employee Giving Program nonprofits (as well as their organization number) that are providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Ian. 

Organization KCEGP Code Summary 
American Red Cross NW Region 9343 Nearly 1,600 Red Crossers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia are supporting relief efforts. 
With our partners, we have provided more than 355,000 meals and snacks, and some 68,000 comfort kits and other relief items like cleaning supplies. 
ASPCA 2858 As our disaster response efforts continue in Lee County, we are also providing support by serving as a liaison for animal shelters within impacted jurisdictions that need help. We are assisting with field assessments and helping to coordinate donations between vendors and the organizations that need the supplies.  To date, nearly 350 animals have been assisted through the ASPCA’s Hurricane Ian response efforts. 
Americares 3540 Americares is responding to the impact of Hurricane Ian with medicines, relief supplies and emergency teams. In preparation before Ian struck, we reached out to over 200 local health center partners serving low-income communities in Florida, Georgia and Alabama with offers of medicine, medical supplies and hygiene materials. This includes 148 local partners in Florida supported by Americares on an on-going basis. 
Convoy of Hope 10004 Convoy of Hope is distributing more food, water, and relief supplies to survivors of Hurricane Ian. As the death toll rises and hundreds of people are rescued from their homes, Convoy and its partners are there to provide tangible expressions of hope as people start rebuilding their lives. 
Direct Relief 2843 In addition to twelve pre-positioned caches of medical aid currently staged in Florida, Direct Relief also has hurricane preparedness packs staged in Georgia, South Carolina and across the U.S. Gulf Coast ready to be accessed by local health facilities. Emergency supplies were also staged in Havana, Cuba, prior to Ian’s path making landfall on the island, and additional shipments are en route as well. 
Project HOPE 3513 The team is working to provide psychological first aid, medical support, and much-needed supplies within evacuation shelters, special needs shelters, and health clinics. To date, we have distributed 76,250 relief items and have supplied items such as over-the-counter medicines, diapers, bedpans, infant supplies, chronic disease supplies, hygiene kits, water, non-perishable food items, and first-aid kits in in Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, North Port, Sarasota, and Fort Myers.   
Save the Children 3534 Save the Children has been supporting children’s most critical needs in emergencies along the Gulf Coast since 2005, including Hurricanes Irma and Michael. With pre-positioned supplies at the ready, our teams are preparing to deliver essential, child-focused items to kids and families who need them most. 

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