Join us! 2022 Nonprofit Application Cycle & Workshops

For over 30 years, King County employees have been giving to participating nonprofits of their choice through the Employee Giving Program. This past year we pledged nearly $2.4 million!  

For nonprofit organizations to benefit from this program, they must apply annually and meet the eligibility requirements — even if they have participated in the past. 

Application workshop 

Nonprofits, join us at a virtual workshop to learn more about workplace giving in general and about KCEGP specifically, including FAQs to ensure your application is complete, correct and submitted by the May 4 deadline. Members of nonprofits who participate in a workshop are more likely to submit error-free, eligible applications. 

Every eligible nonprofit that submits a completed application on time will be accepted into the program for this year. 

Important Application Dates  

  • Application release date: April 12, 2022 
  • Application due date: May 4, 2022

Learn more about the King County Employee Giving Program on our website