Supporting Early Learning at New Discovery School

Remember the imagination filled days of childhood and playing with your community?  While at the time it just seemed fun, those moments were shaping who you would become as an adult. 

The New Discovery School is “a play-based preschool that nurtures the whole child. They foster confident, joyful learners by building a strong and inclusive community of children, families, and teachers.” Located in North Seattle, New Discovery School has been a place for learning and play for some of our King County Families.  A conversation with Erin MacDougall and Eron Jacobson highlighted why their families support the school through the King County Employee Giving Program (#10030).  

A teal colored log of New Discovery School : two children playing with a kite
A preschool in North Seattle

MacDougall and Jacobson explored New Discovery School for their preschool age children based on the testimonies of other parents.  Both liked that the school focused on letting kids be kids and have fun with peers in a respectful manner.  Once their respective families enrolled, they saw the happiness in their own children. 

The learning environment at NDS is full of light, mindfulness and special moments, starting with the morning Song Circle that includes parents and children to start the day. Unique “extracurricular” activities afforded opportunities for the little ones to learn music, art, dance and even sign language.  Plus, there are monthly sessions for the guardians to learn about raising healthy social-emotional children.  The outdoor space has room to move and even messy experiences for kids to explore safely. The whole location exudes intentional design for young learners.

King County firmly believes in the importance of early childhood education. This is reiterated in the Best Starts for Kids program and other DCHS services.  Donations to New Discovery School help provide more scholarships for families to attend the school and ensure the staff are paid livable wages. 

Visit the Employee Giving StoreFront to find New Discovery School or 175 other organizations focused on education and children.  There are so many ways to make a collective impact in the future of our community.