Way to Shine! Celebrating King County’s EGP Ambassadors

Thank you, everyone who attended our Celebration event for the 2017 Annual Giving Drive on February 15, 2018. We were delighted to be joined by a full audience of King County employees, county leadership, and nonprofit representatives.

Our annual Celebration event is our way of recognizing employees for their hard work, dedication, and general awesomeness. It is their moment to shine because they helped someone else’s star shine a little brighter!

From the EGP Committee Members that serve year-round to those bringing to life their first special event–each employee that chooses to take part contributes to the program’s success. This year, our combined efforts inspired employees to invest over $1.92 million in nonprofit organizations, in turn helping communities across the globe thrive and bolstering civic engagement locally.

Ambassador Awards

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Outstanding Ambassadorship:

  • Mary Ann Collier Assessor
  • Sara Franklin Assessor
  • Team Black River Assessor
  • Mindy Hawkins DCHS
  • Elaine Goddard DCHS
  • JanRose Ottaway Martin DCHS
  • Jennell Hicks DCHS
  • Kerry Wade DCHS
  • Rosalyn Hurskin DCHS
  • Wendy DeRobbio DCHS
  • Kathleen Park DES
  • Krystyna Weberg District Court
  • Minerva Humphrie DNRP
  • Carrie Baba, Karen Guillermo, and the Holiday Basket Team DOT
  • Dale Cummings DOT
  • Karen Derr, Susan West, and the Pet Lover Team DOT
  • Yung Turong and her Banh Mi Sandwich Team DOT
  • Lynda Smith Elections
  • Jemi Kwon Elections
  • Jennifer Nelson-Ritchie Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Downtown Public Health Staff
  • Dee Dhlamini & Team Public Health
  • Elizabeth Ellingsen-Wannamaker Sheriff’s Office
  • Julia Greenfield Sheriff’s Office

Department Awards 

Departments with 250 or fewer employees

  • Highest Participation, Most Dollars Raised, & New Connections- King County Executive’s Office
  • Most Improved – King County Elections

Departments with 251-600 employees

  • Highest Participation-  & King County Information Technology
  • Highest Dollars- King County Information Technology
  • Most Improved & New Connections – Department of Public Defense

Departments 601 or more employees

  • Highest Participation & New Connections- Department of Executive Services
  • Most Improved – Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention
  • Highest Dollars – Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Committee Service 

Thank you to the following outgoing Employee Giving Program Committee members for your endless passion and dedication to making the world a better place through workplace giving.

  • Mark Sherard, Department of Community and Human Services
  • Leslie Arai, King County Information Technology

Program Award Presentation

The Employee Giving Program was honored to be recognized by the United Way of King County for “Outstanding Employee Campaign” for the 2014-15 year.

Thank you…

  • 2017 Annual Giving Drive Honorary Co-Chairs: King County Assessor, John Wilson and Director of the Office of Equity and Social Justice, Matias Valenzuela
  • The EGP Committee for planning and bringing about this event
  • Harborstone Credit Union for being our Annual Giving Drive sponsor and partner!
  • Campaign Executives: Chris Zanassi, Diane Voiland, Hilary Leonard, David Bercaw, and Lasse Angelis
  • Our nonprofits for celebrating with us and sharing their impact.
  • Most importantly, King County employees for the amazing work you do each day.  We are proud to be a part of such an exceptional workforce and to celebrate these accomplishments.

Interested in meaningful personal and professional development opportunities? Join our award-winning program today by becoming a committee member or signing up as an Ambassador.