2017 Ambassador STAR Awards – Special Event Impact, Michael Allen

Ambassador STAR Awards are peer-nominated awards for individuals or teams, to recognize outstanding contribution during the Annual Giving Drive.

edited (31 of 72)Special Event Impact: Michael Allen, Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention

This award recognizes a group or person that created fun, innovative events that inspired employees and fostered a culture of giving.

This award is going to another new employee who stepped up in embodying the role of  Lead Ambassador. No one had to ask him or tell him, he raised his hand. He worked all hours to put on two pancake breakfasts and a huge basket raffle, raising $8,798.23 from special events alone – the highest this department has ever seen. This award goes to Sgt. Michael Allen with DAJD.

“Being a uniformed staff member he was able to effectively encourage and significantly influence the participation and energy of other uniformed staff. Without his enthusiasm and leadership we would not have made such big bucks for charity!” ~Nominator

Congratulations, Michael!

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