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Transforming Animal Services_Bobbee

Melissa Blake

Regional Animal Services of King County had a record save rate of 88% in 2015 – an impressive feat by itself – but even more so when you hear the comeback story. And King County Employees have been instrumental to this success, at RASKC, leadership, and including through the EGP.  Employees have donated more than $70,000 to the Regional Animal Service’s Donation Funds since they started in the program, enabling RASKC to provide extraordinary medical treatment, education, and spay/neuter services.

They were referred to the program by an employee and blazed the trail for other organizations.

The opportunity to get your favorite nonprofit in the program is now!  Sure- we have 930 nonprofit organizations in the program… but is yours?

  • Tacoma Waldorf School
  • Equine Aid and Rescue
  • Boyer Children’s Clinic
  • Intiman Theater

These are just a few of the employee referred nonprofits that joined us last year.

All nonprofits must apply and meet eligibility requirements annually in order for them to be in the upcoming Annual Giving Drive.

During the Annual Giving Drive, you can invite your co-workers to hear your story, invite them in to speak, or do a special event in their honor.

What is your passion? Ours is helping employees connect, discover, and share causes they care about through the workplace.

Invite your favorite nonprofit here.

Applications are due April 21, 2016.