2016 STAR Awards – Departments 601 or more employees

The Department Achievement Awards recognize the different milestones that departments achieve in 4 areas: participation, dollars pledged, most improved, and the number of “new connections” that were made in a year.

For departments with 601 + employees, the program is honored to recognize the following:

Participation: Department of Executive Services (DES)

DES Award Winner

Pictured: Lorinda Youngcourt, Sun Yi, Megan Menkveld, Caroline Whalen, Dave Upthegrove

Larger departments can sometimes be challenging. How do you reach every single employee?  How do you make sure the message and enthusiasm are carried through? DES finds a way every year! They utilize texting, bulletin boards, and special events, and they understand the power of the Ambassador, making sure that they have folks there – especially in the hard to reach areas.

Additionally, they have visible leadership that supports the program in a big way, thank you Caroline and DES!

Dollars Raised: Department of Transportation (DOT)


Pictured: Lorinda Youngcourt, Jeri Rollison, Dave Upthegrove

DOT represents nearly one-quarter of the King County workforce, a majority of whom are not connected to a computer in their regular duties. It really does take a village to reach all of our amazing DOT employees and DOT’s Ambassadors work extremely hard.  Additionally, this year’s Lead Ambassador Jeri Rollison was determined and never gave up! We are eternally grateful for her hard work. Way to go, DOT!

Most Improved: Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD)


Pictured: Lorinda Youngcourt, Wilena Montgomery, William Hayes, Mistica Straight, Dave Upthegrove

DAJD not only improved in dollars and participation, but they also improved in the number of Ambassadors.  It is very hard to reach their employees… they are literally behind bars! They worked hard to come up with creative ways to encourage their employees to learn more about the program. Awesome job DAJD!

New Connections: King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO)


Pictured: Lorinda Youngcourt, Kathryn Pompeo, Veronica Port, Dave Upthegrove

The Sheriff’s Office has been on a steady roll the last couple of years. Winning this category is another example of that progress, especially since we have so many nonprofit organizations that work closely with their officers. This team is incredibly dedicated and we are thankful to have them. Great work KCSO!

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