Expo Recap: Youth Development 🦋

There is a saying that “children are the future”, which means investment in youth development is so important.  This week we heard from four incredible organizations working to develop young leaders and educated adults.  Learn more about their specific programs by clicking the links below or listening to the recording.  From the Employee Giving Drive website, you can make donations & pledges, set payroll deduction or volunteer time for these environmentally focused nonprofit organizations.   

Students at tables.   Young woman with and raised.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington                       EGP Code: 9410

A program best known for the annual cookie sales; Girl Scouts has served over 50 million alumnae. They operate in 145 countries to focus on the pillars of STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship (those cookies!!).  Learn more about their equity work and leadership development.

Rainier Scholars                     EGP Code: 9477

Education is a gateway to opportunity. Rainier Scholars offers a pathway to college graduation and career success for underrepresented students of color. They cultivate the academic potential and leadership skills of hard-working students by creating access to transformative educational and career opportunities and providing comprehensive support to scholars and families.

Cocoon House            EGP Code: 9780

Using the Butterfly effect to break the cycle of homelessness, Cocoon House is a community-based organization responding to the needs of youth.  More than just shelter, they listen to young people and help youth dream about the future they want to live.

Circle Faith Future                  EGP Code: 10900

Working from the mantra of “Listen Listen, Love Love”, Circle Faith Future is a secular organization providing chaplaincy and mentoring, study groups, and other services by walking WITH youth in incarceration.  Just 4 hours of chaplaincy program a week can help reduce recidivism by at least 14 years!

Log on to Stream to watch the Expo Recording. Learn more about other Youth Development programs in EGP on this YouTube Playlist.